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rubbRe™ is a sheet rubber material formulated from recycled tires. It comes in multiple thicknesses, and colors. It is also available in a bonded format, fuzun™ that bonds natural hemp to the rubbRe™. We believe that our material is unique, but taken together with the environmental message it sends, it proclaims that its users are style-smart and earth-friendly.
fuzun™ materials are created by bonding fabrics to rubbRe™ thus creating a entirely different look and feel. Our stock line of fuzun™ is created by fusing hemp to the rubbRe™; but a custom line can be created by fusing fabric that meet certain characteristics as well as withstand temperatures of 260° F.  Click here to see if your fabric will bond to rubbRe™.
The look and feel of Vulcana’s® line makes it suitable for any number of applications including luggage, office-related items, promotional use, upholstery, architectural projects and a variety of commercial and industrial applications.
  • rubbRe™ is stocked in a 56" width
  • Hemp fuzun™ is stocked in a 56" width
  • Materials contain at least 30% Recycled Tires
  • fuzun™ can also be manufactured in a variety of gauges; the standard gauge for the hemp fuzun™ is +/- .045
  • rubbRe™ can be manufactured as thin as +/-.030" and as thick as +/-.125"